Saturday, November 14, 2009

A baby crow

I was just sorting some photos and came across this one.
This was a baby crow (or raven?) that we saved a few years ago.

This poor fledgling was on the shoulder of the highway, unable to fly.
My husband saw it on his way home, so he came and got me, a box and a towel.
When we got there, a couple of bikers had pulled over and were holding
the little crow. They were glad to have someone to take the bird, as
they had no way of doing so, themselves.
Anyhow, he had an injured leg & was very hungry & thirsty. We did
our best caring for him for a few days.
After a couple of days his strength had returned,
so I let him outside in our dog's pen during the day, and kept feeding him.
On his 4th day with us, he flew up onto the roof and I took a photo
of his silhouette.

Then he flew high up and roosted in a large cedar in
our front yard. That's the last time we saw him.

We frequently see ravens and crows in our yard, so I'm often
reminded of this baby bird we rescued, and wonder if he's one
of them?

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